There once lived a WILD OX. A unique ox with the longest of horns. He was different than the others, not only for his long horns and slender looks but for his taste buds. While the herd stuck to the familiar rotation of grazing through the open grassy fields in the evening and foraging through the forest during the day, our WILD OX would test his luck venturing outside the norm to eat the grass from the next field over, or tasting the crops just below the mountains. Soon WILD OX was finding new flavors and seeing new land. He began to get a taste for travel as well. His circle of new discoveries grew until he had scouted as far as he could without separating from the herd for good. So he did. He went out on his own to find bolder flavors, new sites, and discover what the world had to offer. WILD OX believes that this world is meant to be explored, and even better, tasted.